Information Management

Active files typically grow by 25% annually, overburdening the performance of an average business.  Forward-minded companies can effortlessly manage such escalating volumes of information across all formats and channels with the help of Information Management service.

ScienceVision proven experts can convert non-stopping flow of documents into an organized system satisfying the needs of the Customer. Existing information spread across the enterprise is integrated and distributed according to business needs enabling all existing processes and applications for efficient co-operation of users, clients, customers and partners.

Information Management by ScienceVision covers 2 major areas:

  • Document Management
  • Document Storing and eArchiving

We offer the following services:

  • Data multi-format processing
  • Document automation
  • Layouts customization  and multi-language distribution
  • Enveloping
  • Output management to all sorts of channels (printers, printing partners, e-mails, sms-messages, enveloping machines, web applications, etc) and archiving tools
  • Development of customized web-interface for access to archiving service
  • Information management consulting

With more than 45000 hours of Information Management experience we have in-depth understanding of how the information should be collected, handled, managed and delivered. Our successful work proves that thanks to controlled information flow, managed data storage, enhanced document search your company can easily enjoy improved decision making and sales conversation, reduced legal and support costs, proven customer loyalty and even more can gain competitive advantage on the market.