Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) provides employees with necessary access to secured business resources meeting all compliance requirements. As Gartner states, such “security practice is a crucial undertaking for any enterprise”.

With ScienceVision you can easily be on the edge with contemporary demands for identity management and access governance.

Benefits that ScienceVision Customers enjoy using IAM service are the following:

  • Costs are reduced with automation, delegation and self-service features.
  • Security is significantly improved through centralised user identification, consistent application and enforcement of security rules.
  • Environment might  be increased up to millions of users with the same amount of administrative staff.
  • Efficiency is enhanced and possibility of errors is minimized due to automated provisioning process.
  • Access process for new user is facilitated, which besides frees security administrators.

IAM by ScienceVision includes:

  • Development of the complex solution for managing user accounts and administrative access rights in resources and remote servers. ScienceVision proposes full life cycle development including analysis, design, development, deployment and maintenance. A team of professional IT consultants assists in choosing the most appropriate solution tailored according to the Customers’ needs.
  • Customisation of the administration and end user interfaces.
  • Development of the audit and compliance reports.

ScienceVision’s team of experts have experience with:


IBM Security Identity Manager



Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager

Oracle Identity Management Solutions


Functional Testing
Does a software program/product work as intended? Does it do the right things in the right way? Functional testing validates and verifies that the software meets the business and technical requirements that guided its design and development and works as expected.

Performance Testing
Would a system be scalable and reliable, would there be enough resources for it to work properly? Performance testing identifies potential risks and bottlenecks and gives the right answer before you face a problem of user dissatisfaction caused by low system performance.
Security Testing
In today’s world the number and variety of threats to IT systems are multiplying daily. For companies that care about sensitive information of their own or their clients security testing is a must. Our security testing exper