Intellectual Property Protection

ScienceVision is an ISO 27001 compliant IT services company. ISO 27001 is an Information Security Management System (ISMS) standard which enables to bring information security under tangible management control. In ScienceVision we fully realise significance and necessity of Intellectual Property protection and therefore adhere to a proactive approach to prevent any Intellectual Property incident.

We adopt a set of best practices for IP to protect our Customers and their assets:

  • Compliance with tried and tested security policy the best meeting real business conditions
  • Separated information space for any single project
  • Up-to-date software security tools (antivirus software on each server and workstation, firewalls on Internet channels)
  • Detached IP (public IP addresses are only on Internet-enabled server)
  • Users access management
  • Human resources security:
    • Rigorous hiring policy
    • Security training of the staff
    • Obligation of NDA signing
  • Compliance with all legal requirements